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Inspired by and in pursuit of our Vision, we dedicate and commit ourselves to the following:

· Develop ways to make the company presence known and recognized.

· Provide honest and fair business opportunities for our clients.

· Create and provide a long-term development program offered for all members of the Mega Paint community that would aid in their professional and personal growth making them more productive, efficient and flexible.

· Make available a competitive compensation and incentive package for its employees based on outstanding performance thus ensuring the improvement of their quality of life.

· Sustain the familial atmosphere in the workplace wherein everyone is recognized for his or her accomplishment and is accorded with respect.

· Provide activities or programs directed towards employees and others that would promote a culture of social responsibility.


In 2013 Mega Paint will be a leading paint supplier and distributor of quality marine and protective coating products and service sin the Philippines.

· Acknowledged as a well-managed organization whose systems, procedures and manufacturing facilities are at par with international standards that meet the need of both its employees and clients.

· Who is a forerunner in the promotion of safety standards and environmental awareness.

· Recognized for its social responsibility towards the employees and their families, and the community where it operates.

· With people that are professional, competent and happy.

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CSR Programs

Is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.

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