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Asset Ownership & Operation

Prioritising asset protection

Plant and equipment maintenance painting are essential to increase efficiency, extend life expectancy of assets and improve safety in the work environment. They can, however, be low priority activities which do not receive the time and attention they deserve.

“Planned” maintenance can be demonstrated to provide real cost benefits in terms of increased productivity, reduced down time and minimal schedule disruption.

By committing to a planned maintenance regime, an owner/operator can minimise operating problems and costly production interference, enhance cost effectiveness by optimising maintenance intervals and deliver long-term savings via an annual budget for site maintenance.

Available worldwide, International Protective Coatings Interplan® system provides you with a comprehensive range of structured maintenance painting services, providing a mechanism for “Risk Based Inspection” programmes to assess priorities for maintenance. Interplan is aimed at ensuring structural integrity and reinforces the safety element associated with the employment of high performance coatings that allow an owner to progress corrosion mitigation procedures from a REACTIVE status to a PREDICTIVE status

In Summary…

We recognise that not everyone can be an expert in anticorrosion coatings. By using Interplan®, our highly experienced team can help you survey your site and select the right products to deliver flexible, organised painting solutions to complex maintenance and repair painting problems.

International Protective Coatings’ Interplan® system provides you with a comprehensive maintenance program for an owner to progress the status of corrosion mitigation procedures from:


Using Interplan provides

• A service delivered by experts from the world’s largest protective coatings company, providing specific maintenance solutions tailored to specific end users.
• The establishment of a prioritised maintenance plan that will drive down long term maintenance costs associated with corrosion mitigation
• Optimised maintenance painting budgets that will enhance productivity, promote safety in the workplace and effectively reducing maintenance spend over the life of the asset.

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