Research & Development
With a multitude of products worth widespread recognition, it is all too easy to rest on one’s laurels. But dynamism plays an important role in Mega Paints continual drive to be Number One in their arena; to be your first choice for all your coating needs. It is for this reason that Research & Development is an on-going lifestyle; exploring new avenues, different formulations, thinking out of the box with the sole interest of providing you, the customer, the best the industry has to offer. Through Market feedback and seamless communication through all departments, new areas for improvement in both current product and new product offerings are churned out effortlessly meeting and surpassing the expectations of the market. It is through this Kaizen or state of constant change that Mega Paint & Coating Corporation has stayed ahead of the competition and promises value for money at every turn.

Manufacturing Plant
Staffed by competent chemists, products are re-engineered to offer improved project surface protection, finished appearance, and design utility for the customer. Mega Paint relies greatly on the in-service product trials and close technical cooperation with the customer for successful product development.

We produce quality products and services that would guarantee customer satisfaction. This is done by ensuring the availability of raw materials and other supplies needed for production.

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