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TBT free, controlled depletion polymer (CDP) self polishing antifouling system.

TBT free, controlled depletion polymer (CDP) self polishing antifouling system. Color - BQA624-Red, BQA628-Brown Finish/Sheen - Not applicable Part B (Curing Agent) - Not applicable Volume Solids - 58% ±2% (ISO 3233:1998) Mix Ratio - Not applicable Typical Film Thickness - Range: 3 - 6 mils dry (5.2 - 10.4 mils wet) may be specified depending upon end use. Theoretical Coverage - Range: 311 - 152 ft²/US gal at 3 - 6 mils dft, allow appropriate loss factors Method of Application - Airless Spray, Brush, Roller Flash Point - Single Pack 79°F

For use at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair.
In repair situations Interspeed 6200 can be applied directly over existing antifoulings

Mixing: This material is a one pack coating and should always be mixed thoroughly with a power agitator before

Thinner: International GTA007. Thinning is not normally required. Consult the local representative for advice during
application in extreme conditions. Do not thin more than allowed by local environmental legislation.

Airless Spray: Recommended
Tip Range 26-31 thou (0.66-0.79 mm)
Total output fluid pressure at spray tip not less than 2500 psi (176 kg/cm²)

Conventional Spray: Application by conventional spray is not recommended

Brush: Application by brush is recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film

Roller: Application by roller is recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film

Cleaner: International GTA007

Work Stoppages and Cleanup: Thoroughly flush all equipment with GTA007. All unused material should be stored in tightly closed containers.
Partially filled containers may show surface skinning and/or a viscosity increase of the material after storage.
Material should be filtered prior to use.

Welding: In the event welding or flame cutting is performed on metal coated with this product, dust and fumes will be
emitted which will require the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and adequate local exhaust
ventilation. In North America do so in accordance with instruction in ANSI/ASC Z49.1 “Safety in Welding and

Available upon request

All work involving the application and use of this product should be performed in compliance with all
relevant national Health, Safety & Environmental standards and regulations.
Prior to use, obtain, consult and follow the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product concerning health
and safety information. Read and follow all precautionary notices on the Material Safety Data Sheet and
container labels. If you do not fully understand these warnings and instructions or if you can not strictly
comply with them, do not use this product. Proper ventilation and protective measures must be provided
during application and drying to keep solvent vapor concentrations within safe limits and to protect against
toxic or oxygen deficient hazards. Take precautions to avoid skin and eye contact (ie. gloves, goggles, face
masks, barrier creams etc.) Actual safety measures are dependant on application methods and work
USA/Canada – Medical Advisory Number 1-800-854-6813
Europe – Contact (44) 191 4696111. For advice to Doctors & Hospitals only contact (44) 207 6359191
China – Contact (86) 532 83889090
R.O.W. – Contact Regional Office

Disclaimer: Color Matching and Prices of each product will be available upon request.