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A single coat two pack high solids epoxy coal tar.

A single coat two pack high solids epoxy coal tar. PRODUCT INFORMATION Color -  XCT485 - Black Finish/Sheen - Semi-Gloss (ISO 2813:1978) Part B (Curing Agent) - XCT486 Off White Volume Solids - 70% Typical Film Thickness - 1:1 Parts by Volume || 350-450 microns dry equivalent to 500-650 microns wet Theoretical Coverage - 1.5 - 2.0 m2 / liter at 350-450 microns dft Method of Application - Brush, Roller, Airless Spray Flash Point - 28°C Induction Period - 20 minutes

A high performance anticorrosive paint for underground pipes and other steel subtrates. Ideally
suited for total, partial or intermittent immersion.

Mixing: Material is supplied in two pack containers Part A & Part B. Mix in supplied proportions using power agitator.

Thinner: GTA 007 – allowable thinning down is max of 5% by volume

Airless Spray: Recommended (Tip range 0.53-0.66 mm (21-26 thou) | Total Output 2500-3200 p.s.l. || Fluid Pressure (176-225 kg/cm2))

Conventional Spray: Not Recommended

Brush/Roller: Recommended for small areas only; multiple coats may be needed
to achieve thickness.

Storage: The product can be stored in sealed containers at 28 °C for a minimum of one year. Store in dry, shaded conditions, and away from sources of heat and ignition.

Pack Size: 4 liters part A & 4 liters part B

Avoid contact with skin and eyes use proper equipment when handling material (i.e. gloves, goggles, face mask, barrier creams, etc.) Wash affected skin with lukewarm water and soap or suitable industrial cleaner. If come contact with eyes, flush eyes with water for at least 10 minutes and seek for immediate medical attention.

Disclaimer: Color Matching and Prices of each product will be available upon request.